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Dr. Joyce: Fevers

Dr. Joyce: Fevers What about Fevers? What is considered a fever and what should I do if my child gets one? Fevers are very common and are usually a sign of infection or other illness. Most fevers are not a sign that your child needs a visit to the doctor but it might. A fever […]

Dr. Bayer: Perfection

Dr. Bayer: Perfection At well visits for children and adolescents, I often review several topics. I find myself repeating a mantra of three main themes to improve one’s health. These repeating themes are often similar for improving one’s performance in any area of interest: sports, school, band, life…. First topic would be what we eat. […]

Dr. Reinardy: The Approach to Care at St. Gianna Clinic

Dr. Reinardy: The Approach to Care at St. Gianna Clinic I am often surprised when taking a history of the amount of distress a woman goes through during her period and believes that it is normal.  Many women would be surprised to know that the amount of blood loss during a cycle should really not […]

Dr. Joyce: Stiches

Dr. Joyce: Stiches Life is full of interesting events and some will leave scars.  Typical cuts acquired in daily life do not need stitches in order to heal with excellent cosmetic results but some scarring is unavoidable.  The skin heals by creating new scar tissue to hold the edges of a cut together.  Stitches or […]