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Dr. Reinardy: The Approach to Care at St. Gianna Clinic

I am often surprised when taking a history of the amount of distress a woman goes through during her period and believes that it is normal.  Many women would be surprised to know that the amount of blood loss during a cycle should really not exceed 1-2 ounces!  Human physiology is an amazing thing and the relationship between physical structures such as the hypothalamus (a region of the brain), the pituitary gland (also in the brain), the ovaries and the uterus are complex and precise.  Only a creator could have designed it this x    perfectly! But, as we age, subtle changes to our health, activity and physiology can begin to cause changes to a woman’s cycle that could lead to symptoms of distress both emotionally and physically.  This is also not an uncommon occurrence.  In fact, only 10% of women will experience regular cycles throughout their reproductive lives and then stop when they enter menopause.  The other 90% experience some of the changes to this delicate balance that could lead to challenges with their health.  For this reason, regular check ups and attention to menstrual history for all women is important, and for those over 40 can be potentially life changing.  

The approach to care at St. Gianna involves comprehensive attention to one’s personal needs that balances the quality of life with informed decision making.  If you have concerns that your periods just may not be normal or may have treatment choices that could improve your life quality, why not ask?  We can listen to your concerns and educate you on what is happening.  We can also share with you plans and strategies to help understand health screenings that help you lead a long and happy life.  We will help you to understand what changes are occurring and support you through options to minimize the impact these changes may have on your life quality.  Sometimes, people choose to monitor their symptoms and live with these changes.  Our goal is to help support you in your journey and make sure you are comfortable with your personal health choices and goals.  The good news is, we have immediate availability to talk about these things with you!

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