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Our Providers

Dr. Edward Bayer

“What is a pediatrician? A medical practitioner specializing in children, treating their diseases, and promoting health. I became a doctor as I was fascinated by the human body. What God created was incredible. What can be accomplished through it is amazing. However, our bodies must be nourished appropriately: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I became a pediatrician because children are our future. I felt I could make the most impact during this time in preventative health. It is a blessing to get to follow a child’s development from birth to adulthood. I enjoy working with and helping teach parents how to instill healthy habits that their children can carry on into adulthood as preventative strategies for maintaining health.

To be an extension of the Divine Healer is a humbling honor to try to uphold. I always try to follow this philosophy: “I will always treat your child the way I want my children treated.” The doctor/patient relationship is a sacred one. My job is to offer recommendations for you to then decide what is best for your child. I look forward to working with you.”

Dr. Bayer attended both undergraduate and medical school at the University of Wisconsin. Following medical school, he completed his residency in Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville, TN. Following his residency at Vanderbilt in 1997, Dr. Bayer began practicing at what is now known as Ascension Medical Group (previously LaSalle Medical Group and Affinity Medical Group).

He was Department Chair for Affinity Health System Fox Valley from September 2005-06. He served as Lead Physician for Appleteon Pediatrics of Affinity Medical Group from 2005-2015. He has been a member of the UW Health Pediatric Advisory Council since 2005. He is also a member of the Children’s Wisconsin Fox Valley Community Physician Advisory Group.

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