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Evelyn’s Story


As nine-month-old Evelyn and her older sister, seven-year-old Grace, played in the family living room on a chilly fall day, their parents watched with smiles on their faces.

Before they knew Evelyn was on the way, Constance and Jason didn’t think they would be able to give Grace something she longed for…a baby sister.

For four and a half years, Constance sat in waiting room after waiting room, seeking answers from three different doctors. Each time, Constance and Jason left without answers.

“After four and half years of hoping you’re going to welcome another member to your family, and it not happening,  you begin to feel a sense of hopelessness,” said Constance.

The family’s prayers were answered when they found St. Gianna Clinic and Dr. Melissa Weidert. After reading an article about the clinic, Constance says she made an appointment, and right away, she says she felt comfortable with the clinic, the staff and knowing her care would align with her values.

“My first appointment they handed me a book called, ‘Women Healed’,” said Constance. “I went home and read that book and I felt a sense of hope.”

Hope, not just for what the future may hold, but also knowing there would be a plan in place to get her to her ultimate goal.

“For the first time I had an action plan, and Dr. Weidert really took the time to look into the underlying factors as to what was happening with my fertility issues,” said Constance. “Right away I had answers to my questions as to why things weren’t working the way that I had wanted them to, so that just gave me a great sense of peace.”

St. Gianna Clinic provides fertility treatments that align with Church teachings. After just six months of treatment at the clinic, Constance received the news she and her family had waited for…the newest member of their family was on the way. Evelyn was born Jan. 6, 2018.

This story will not just be remembered every time Constance and Jason see their daughter, they will also remember every time they say her name: Evelyn Gianna.

“She is named after the Saint and St. Gianna Clinic because of our story and because we feel that she is such a miracle and a blessing, we feel so blessed to have her in our life,” said Constance.

And in sharing her story, Constance hopes to give others who may also be struggling hope to continue their own journey.

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